2022 Co-operative Federation Assembly

On 29 July 2022, Hub Leader Prof Veena will be a speaker at the 2022 Co-operative Federation Assembly to talk about leadership, innovation and how cooperative groups like the Hub can create impact.

Veena will join a range of speakers and also talk about the role of the Hub and how innovative ideas and actions should be at the heart of collaborative groups.

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The 2022 Federation Assembly will bring together inspiring and insightful co-operators from around Australia, and across the globe online, to grow co-operative networking and connection.

The Co-op Federation is a peak body for co-operatives in Australia. We formed in 1993 as ‘Co-operatives NSW’ and steadily grew to welcome members from other states. We now represent 135 member co-operatives across Australia, spanning all sectors from agriculture to childcare, from clubs to taxi co-operatives from retail stores to video game developers! We are funded party through membership subscriptions and partly through consultation.

The Co-op Federation is a non-distributing co-operative, governed by a Board of Directors as elected by our member co-ops.