Governance and leadership

The Hub is overseen by a Steering Committee, under the leadership of independent Chair Cheryl Batagol, that comprises key members of the Hub, as well as representatives from the Department of Agriculture, Water and Environment (DAWE), industry bodies, government agencies and community groups.

Committee members

  • Ms Cheryl Batagol – Chair – Sustainable Communities and Waste Hub
  • Mr Michael Sharp – Advanced Manufacturing Growth Centre (AMGC), National Director, Industry – Industry Representative 
  • Mr Paul Klymenko – Planet Ark CEO – Environmental Non-Government Organisation 
  • Louise McGrath – Ai Group – Industry Representative 
  • Professor Billie Giles-Corti – RMIT – Urban Planning and Research 
  • Dr Gillian Sparkes – Commissioner for Environmental Sustainability, Victoria – State Government / Sustainability
  • Liz de Chastel – Australian Local Government Association
  • Ms Kate Lynch –  First Assistant Secretary, Environment Protection Division
  • Dr Sue Fyfe – Executive Director, Environmental Science and Reporting, Australian Government Department of Climate Change, Energy and the Environment and Water
  • Prof Veena Sahajwalla – Hub Leader and Impact Priority 2 Co-Lead (plastics and wastes)
  • Ms Mandy Downing – Hub Indigenous Facilitator
  • Dr Heinz Schandl – Impact Priority 5 Lead (intra- and inter-hub waste coordinator)
  • Mr Warwick Dawson – Director, UNSW Knowledge Exchange 
  • Mr Stuart Snell – Hub Communication and Media Manager 
  • Dr Farshid Pahlevani – Hub Industry and Impact Manager
  • Dr Rosemary Lott – Program Manager, Science Partnerships, Australian Government Department of Climate Change, Energy and the Environment and Water