Impact Priority 4 - Air quality

Research in IP4 will explore how air quality in Australia, while generally good, continues to cause significant health impacts from bushfire smoke, planned burns, wood-heaters, and local industrial pollution. 

IP4 will work with government agencies responsible for air quality, fire management and public health to identify research needs and generate information to inform decision-making. 

The effective dissemination of information to the public is also critical, as highlighted during the 2019/20 bushfires when the public was unable to interpret air pollution information nor understand the implications for their health.

Our research priorities are:

  1. maintaining and improving air quality
  2. transferring international air quality science to the Australian environment
  3. identifying and developing effective new technologies aimed at reducing the concentration of air pollutants
  4. evaluating local planning and zoning regulations to reduce air pollutants
  5. developing and identifying tools for ambient air quality monitoring.