Impact Priority 1 - Sustainable people-environment interactions

Research in IP1 will explore the liveability, sustainability and ecology of urban and regional communities to support policy, planning, design, and management to deliver ecological (e.g. biodiversity conservation), economic (e.g. green jobs), and social (e.g. health and well-being) benefits, and also enhance urban liveability, sustainability, and resilience. 

IP1 will weave and integrate scientific, local and indigenous knowledge and methodologies to support transitions to a more inclusive, just and environmentally sustainable society. IP1 research will be guided by and inform Australia’s Strategy for Nature 2019 - 2030 and the National Climate Resilience and Adaptation Strategy.

IP1 research priorities are:

  1. supporting sustainable people-environment interactions in communities
  2. increasing the liveability of urban and regional communities
  3. managing people-species conflicts in urban settings
  4. increasing the uptake of water sensitive urban design measures
  5. understanding the benefits and complexities of urban greening measures
  6. minimising urban heat island impacts
  7. understanding and managing the effects of artificial light on species and ecological communities.