2023 ASFA Conference keynote address

On 28 February 2023, Hub Leader Prof Veena will deliver a keynote address at the 2023 ASFA Conference talking about the importance of a circular economy and ensuring shared prosperity.

She will highlight key industry collaborations for research programs and to tackle national challenges, including recycling and how waste should be used as a resource in manufacturing and supply chains, creating new jobs and other economic, environmental and social benefits.

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Events hosts say:

The Association of Superannuation Funds Australia Conference is one of the largest pensions events in the world and the only major event of its kind in Australia that brings all sectors of the superannuation industry together under one roof.

Keynote 8 - Circular economy, shared prosperity, Prof Veena

The world continues to grapple with achieving meaningful action on sustainability but for investors, action and opportunity can go hand in hand. As more organisations investigate how to adopt a circular economy mindset, where resources can be reused and repurposed rather than have a linear lifespan, the very concept of waste is being challenged.

Creative thinkers, backed by a growing appetite from institutional investors to support their initiatives, are leading to the creation of industries, supply chains, jobs and revenue streams. The benefits are myriad – economic, social and environmental.

The 2022 NSW Australian of the Year, Professor Veena Sahajwalla is an inventor and the founding director of the Centre for Sustainable Materials Research and Technology at the University of New South Wales (SMaRT@UNSW). As a pioneer of thermal transformations of waste resources into a new generation of green materials and products, she will provide an extraordinary opportunity for the superannuation industry to learn more about cutting-edge developments and investment opportunities in a new era of sustainable materials and manufacturing technologies.

Delegates return each year to hear from thought leaders and trailblazers on a range of current and emerging issues and trends impacting superannuation. They uncover new research and innovation often not available anywhere else. Delegates also attend for the huge Super Expo to see first-hand the latest products and services and meet the exhibitors and innovators in person.

Superannuation leaders and decision-makers understand the power of collaboration and recognise the ASFA Conference for its unparalleled opportunity to make new connections and build business relationships and partnerships essential to boost productivity and improve outcomes for members.