ATSE ACTIVATE 2022 conference

On 26 and 27 October, Hub Leader Prof Veena will be speaking at the ATSE ACTIVATE 2022 conference.

Veena will be Master of Ceremonies on 26 October and the following day will speak in Plenary Session 2 "Advancing a sustainable future: skills for net zero industries".

She will talk about the role of the Hub and how industry, research and community leaders can better collaborate to be more sustainable and create new jobs through aligning innovative recycling and manufacturing technologies and practices.

Event website

Conference program

Event organisers say the conference will:

  • Unite Australia’s leading engineering and technology entrepreneurs to ensure the Australian Academy of Technological Sciences & Engineering (ATSE) helps build a sustainable and prosperous Australia.
  • Celebrate local and global excellence in applied science, technology and engineering and award Australia’s emerging innovators.
  • Activate policymakers, CEOs and academics in charting a course for Australia’s globally focused STEM workforce and catalyse a technology-powered, human-driven future.