Disrupted Festival of Ideas 2022

On 19 June 2022, Hub Leader Veena will deliver a keynote speech and join a panel discussion at the Disrupted Festival of Ideas 2022 hosted by the Western Australian Government.

Veena will deliver a keynote entitled "A Smart Vision for a Sustainable Future" talking about the need for greater innovation in waste, recycling and manufacturing using waste as a resource, and highlighting the role of the Hub in helping to create more sustainable communities.

The event, hosted by the State Library of Western Australia, will be live-streamed via:

Keynote webpage

Panel webpage

Event website

Keynote abstract

CMD707_Disrupted 2022_socials-landscape9

We need to look at waste, recycling and manufacturing in a new way and to acknowledge the valuable materials contained in waste. Rather than sending waste items to landfill or other unsustainable disposal methods, we need to reuse those materials over and over to support the new products and materials needed by societies.

Waste therefore is a type of new ‘renewable resource’ for us to mine and use as feedstock materials for manufacturing. By aligning manufacturing and recycling, communities can become more resilient and sustainable. In this presentation, Professor Veena Sahajwalla, explores and provides examples of how we can take so called “end of life” waste products and reform them into materials for remanufacturing.

We can start a new ‘green materials’ revolution and bolster our efforts to advance Australian manufacturing, be more sustainable and create new jobs.  Innovation can help with this much needed alignment as we face our waste, recycling and manufacturing challenges to help build a stronger and more sustainable economy.

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