ecologiQ Greener Infrastructure Conference

From 18-20 September 2023, Hub Leader, Professor Veena, will be master of ceremonies for the 2023 ecologiQ Greener Infrastructure Conference.

ecologiQ is a Victorian Government initiative is to integrate recycled and reused content into every corner of Victoria’s $90 billion Big Build by incorporating waste products wherever possible, drawing a crucial connection between Victoria’s transport projects and the reform of Victoria’s recycling system.

Veena will talk about sustainability and the importance of using waste as a resource to achieve decarbonisation goals, including adopting new behaviours and recycling techniques and systems - like some of those of the Hub is looking at - to help create new circular economies.

She will give an overview of the Hub and its various projects including finding fit-for-purpose technological recycling and manufacturing solutions for regional and remote communities across Australia.

This 3-day event at Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre will bring together leaders in government, sustainability and infrastructure to explore how to accelerate our shift to a greener future.

The conference is hosted by the Victorian Government's ecologiQ program and presents a unique opportunity to learn about how greener materials are being integrated into transport infrastructure and how collaboration and innovation can take it to the next level.

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