Hub Leader in ABC News recycling spotlight

The ABC has published a news story and video including an interview with Hub Leader Prof Veena in a new show by Courtney Facts, Courtney Act and her alter ego Shane Jenek, exploring the complex world of recycling.

Read the story at ABC News Online

Veena's segment in the below video starts at 5:26 min sec and see an excerpt of Veena's comments further below:

Excerpt from the online story:

Veena Sahajwalla, founding director of the Centre for Sustainable Materials Research & Technology at the University of New South Wales, says "we owe it to our planet to be able to recycle, re-manufacture these materials and put them back into our system."

A woman with long black hair wearing a maroon suit jacket and black top stands upright with her hands folded.

We can go further by reducing our waste in the first place – and we've proven we can do that too, Professor Sahajwalla says.

"We're looking at banning single-use plastics like cups and straws, so I think absolutely there's room for that conversation about when something is really unnecessary," she points out.

"Why do we need to package three or two avocados in a little tray with all that plastic around it? Mother Nature has created natural packaging around our fruit."

Details about the Hub's research program