Latest National Waste Report now out

The biennial 2022 National Waste Report has found that Australians generated almost 3 per cent more waste compared to 2018/19.

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Report highlights:

  • In 2020/21, Australia generated an estimated 75.8 million tonnes (Mt) of waste, equivalent to 2.95 tonnes per person. 
  • The largest waste categories were building and demolition materials (25.1 Mt), organics (14.4 Mt), ash (12.0 Mt), and hazardous waste (7.4 Mt).
  • Recycling and recovery rates were highest for metals (87%), building materials (81%), paper and cardboard (62%), organics (58%) and glass (59%).

National Waste Database 2022

Presented as a flat Excel database, this information is suitable for interrogation through PowerBI or similar tools.

The database presented in a flat Excel format, contains waste data from 2006–07 to 2020–21, a user guide, a list of parameters used, and a register of data revisions made.

National Waste Database 2022 file

Action by the Hub

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