National dialogue on circular economy metrics

Cross-hub Waste Initiatives Leader for the Hub Dr Heinz Schandl of the CSIRO will be speaking at a free event about work he is leading on developing metrics to measure circular economy impacts.

He chairs the Australian Circular Economy Hub Metrics Working Group comprising members from government, industry and expertise from a range of experts within the Australian scientific and technical community.

The metrics working group provides strategic direction, assessment of appropriate tools and systems, advises on research and data requirements and provides leadership on circular economy metrics to all levels of Australian government, industry and other relevant organisations.

On 14 November at a Circular Australia event to launch its Circular Economy Metrics report, Heinz will draw on his international experience in industrial ecology and circular economy metrics and on the metrics, data and indicators work he is doing for the Sustainable Communities and Waste Hub as Leader of Impact Priority 5 - Cross hub waste initiatives.

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Event hosts say:

"Measuring the circular economy in the Australian context is essential in enabling a safe and speedy transition to the new zero carbon zero waste future.

"Join us on Monday 14 November (11am-12:30pm) as Circular Australia launches a national dialogue on Circular Economy Metrics, as we're thrilled to release our latest circular economy metrics research, conducted in partnership with the Institute for Sustainable Futures (ISF), University of Technology Sydney.

"This online session will begin with a presentation on our circular economy metrics research, followed by a panel discussion with CE experts from across the country:

  • Dr Heinz Schandl, CSIRO
  • Ian Overton, Green Industries SA
  • Cate Turner, Recycling Victoria

"There will also be an opportunity for audience Q&A."