Nature Connection Storytelling Project update

Hub researchers have completed a report summarising a workshop to help design their Nature Connection Storytelling Project.

Researchers from the Hub's Impact Priority 1 research theme, Sustainable People–Environment Interactions (SuPErInteract), have held a series of workshops as part of their project co-design development work.

This workshop focussed on advancing the Hub's Nature Connection Storytelling Project, with 25 individuals from 18 different organisations attending at the Royal Tasmanian Botanical Gardens.

Represented organisations included local governments, state government divisions, not-for-profits, local businesses and academic institutions.

The Storytelling Project outcomes expected are to:

  • Develop a repository of stories about nature connection and its impacts, and a national nature connection story map, initially piloted in Tasmania
  • Create an accessible platform for gathering and sharing stories of nature connection
  • Work with partners to gather stories in a range of forms (written, oral, visual) that collectively demonstrate a diverse variety of experience, impacts and implications.

From this body of creative work, researchers will then analyse, characterise, map and communicate what nature means to Australians, and document and articulate how people value nature.

The objectives of this workshop were to:

  1. Update key stakeholders on the Nature Connection Storytelling Project’s progress
  2. Find out what key stakeholders are already doing in the storytelling space
  3. Get feedback about the draft plan for the digital platform
  4. Find out how the digital platform could benefit key stakeholders
  5. Introduce our new project coordinator.

Read the Nature Connection Storytelling Codesign Workshop Report

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