Ocean Plastic Action Forum

On 15 March, Hub Leader UNSW Prof Veena will deliver an address and join a panel discussion at the Ocean Plastic Action Forum at Bondi Beach.

The Forum is part of the two-day Volvo Ocean Lovers Festival, which organisers says is an "impact event will delve into science and issues surrounding ocean plastic, explore the modern-day solutions and review future innovative opportunities for action".

Veena will share information about plastic waste research and how innovative recycling methods can help build a circular economy and deliver greater sustainability.

Ocean Plastic Action Forum website and to register

Event hosts say:

This event is an exciting new part of the 2023 Volvo Ocean Lovers Festival. The forum will delve into the current issues surrounding ocean plastic, explore the modern-day solutions and review future innovative opportunities for action. Together we will seek to make a collective impact, move beyond talking, to instigate real change in purging our oceans of plastic.

You will not only learn more about solving ocean plastics issues, but you have the opportunity to engage, network and collaborate with others who are inspired to help protect our oceans. Together we will seek to make a collective impact, move beyond talking, to instigate real change and purge our ocean of plastics.