Q&A story and free webinar on circular economy

On 3 November 2023, Hub Leader Prof Veena will speak at a free webinar hosted by Australasian Institute of Mining and Metallurgy (AusIMM).

The webinar, 'Circular Economy - more than recycling', is part 4 of AusIMM's current Thought Leadership Series of free webinars and will feature a range of sustainability experts.

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AusIMM also published a story about some of Veena's views on a circular economy in a Q&A story.

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AusIMM says of the event:

The rise of Circular Economy, does the sector understand it, what are the enablers and is your business equipped to maximise the opportunity?

The circular economy concept is increasingly important to society and the environment. It consolidates existing strategies and concepts1 into an overarching model for the economic system2.

A circular economy has the potential to provide the low carbon critical minerals and transition metals that are needed for the energy transition.

To take full advantage of the economic opportunity requires a shift from an ‘extract and transact’ model to one that maximises the full value of the resource.

1 e.g., life cycle thinking, shifting to low-carbon energy, by-product synergy, resource productivity, recycling, reuse, design for disassembly.
2 Ellen MacArthur Foundation, 2012