Sydney Design Week 2023 event

Hub Leader Prof Veena will deliver a talk on 'materials matters' as part of Sydney Design Week 2023, hosted by the Power House Museum.

The Museum says: "Material production and consumption cycles are inherently linked to issues of waste and inform our sustainability strategies. This panel brings together experts in materials science and material culture studies to discuss innovative materials and their implications for design."

"Andrew Simpson, founder and director of Sydney-based design house, Vert, leads a conversation exploring how the physical and mechanical properties of materials are entangled within cultures and politics."

"The discussion will give insights into materials innovation, designing with new (and old) technologies and transitioning towards renewable and sustainable materials and systems."

"The 27th Sydney Design Week (2023) offers a platform to the critical research, industries, infrastructure and technologies that underpin design practice in our city, inviting plural perspectives from our local communities."

"Titled Amodern, in response to an essay by French philosopher Bruno Latour (1947–2022), the program enlists six fields of enquiry; Eco Systems, Material Cultures, Communal Cities, Micro Cycles, Connected Threads and Photofields, to explore the complex and interconnected social and natural ecologies in which contemporary design operates."

Veena will talk about sustainability and the importance of using waste as a resource to achieve decarbonisation goals, including adopting new behaviours and recycling techniques and systems - like some of those of the Hub is looking at - to help create new circular economies.

She will give an overview of the Hub and its various projects including finding fit-for-purpose technological recycling solutions for regional and remote communities across Australia.

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